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Take Your Little Ones Camping And Enjoy Every Minute

Posted by [email protected] on May 4, 2016 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (0)


Modern children don't play outside as often as children used to. The reason for this is largely due to an influx in electronic entertainment at home. It is a very unhealthy trend that must be changed. You may be able to break these bad habits and encourage your kids to enjoy some outside time by getting them interested in camping. Camping is a fun way to spend time as a family and enjoy nature together.


Your first step in enjoying a successful camping outing is to make sure that you are realistic in planning a trip that your kids can enjoy. Make sure the location and activities are appropriate for the age and abilities of your children. For instance, if you have a preschooler with you, rock climbing and water sports may be off limits.


Moreover, the activities should meet with approval from the kids. A child that has no initial interest in the outdoors may be a bit resistant to a four-hour lecture on the rare Palos Verdes blue butterfly, but might enjoy catching and releasing a few species. Also, if your children like adventure, they are probably not going to like sitting in a camp chair all day when what they really crave is excitement.


To prepare for your children's first camping trip, you may want to have a trial run. Spend a day and night roughing it in the yard so that they can get accustomed to being outdoors. You can take walks or bike rides around the neighborhood or visit a local park so that they can get used to being active together as a family. All of these things will make the camping transition a lot easier.


Camping is also the perfect opportunity to show them how to value nature. Children are inclined to plucking plants unless they are taught early on about the value of protecting wildlife, both fauna and flora. Also teach them about avoiding restricted areas and endangered plant species. They need to learn about being safe by staying away from poison oak and other dangerous plants. Also instill in them a respect for animals, admiring them from afar without encroaching on their private space.


Even though camping is a lot of fun, it is not without its mishaps. Packing for potential scenarios will prevent these incidents from getting the better of you. Bring clothes that will be appropriate for all kinds of weather conditions. Warm clothing and a blanket will keep them warm and protected at night. Comfortable shoes meant for hiking and trekking will make the experience safer and more enjoyable. You may also find that insect repellent is an essential, depending on where you camp. Bring flashlights and a well-stocked first aid kit, just in case. In addition to these mandatory supplies, bring along some fun items from home that your kids will recognize. Bring along some books that the whole family can enjoy, some sports gear, and your children's beloved stuffed animals. Last but not the least, do not forget the sleeping bags or pillows. Air mattresses will keep the children off the cold, rocky ground and make their experience more enjoyable. Remember, a camping trip does not have to mean doing away with comfort.


Your trip will absolutely not go as planned. How you react to the unplanned situations will determine the success of your trip. Make sure you stay optimistic and deal with situations as they arise. Keep a loose schedule, so you're not always rushing. Involve the children in everything from collecting firewood to setting up the tent to cooking dinner, but don't make the experience one giant chore. Kids may want to have some time to explore, play games, or just hike around spontaneously. Be sure they know exactly how far they can go from the campsite and that they know what to do if they see animals or other dangerous situations. You must take appropriate actions for the safety of your kids, but don't overdo it. Let your kids get dirty. After all, they're camping and that's half the fun of it.


Despite their addiction to the TV and computer, you will be surprised to know that many kids take to outdoor events like a duck to water once they are introduced to them. If you want to make sure your family's camping experience is the best it can be, take the time to plan according to their specific needs and likes. Your kids will never forget the experiences they have with you in the great outdoors, and you will have your own memories to last a lifetime.