with specialization in ANSYS CFD software

We provide high quality solution in the field of CAE (CFD, CAD and FEA). We have expertise in the following areas:


  1. Design of fans, turbines, compressors, nozzles, pumps, lobe mixer, wind turbines, turbochargers etc. 
  2. Heat transfer simulations including solar model.
  3. Multiphase simulation and discrete phase modeling
  4. Transition modeling for laminar to turbulent flow. 
  5. User defined functions for fluent and fortran programing for CFX. 
  6. Meshing consultancy in mesh generation for complex geometries. We have expertise in ICEM CFD Hexa, ICEM CFD tetra, gridgen/pointwise, gambit, Ansys meshing and CFD Geom.

  1. Modeling of any geometry in Creo-elements and Solid-works 2014.
  2. Part or assembly level modeling 

  1. Linear and nonlinear static FEA
  2. Thermal analysis 
  3. FSI
  4. Impact modeling 
  5. High speed collision modeling
  6. Model analysis  

We also provide trainings on CFD, FEA and CAD modeling and different softwares such as workbench, design modeler, CFX, Fluent, Heat transfer, Multiphase modeling, User defined functions, blade editor, bladegen, CFX turbomachinery modeling, wind turbine modeling, compressible and incompressible flows, ICEM CFD hexa, ICEM CFD tetra + prism + hybrid, Gambit, ansys meshing ... Please see the complete course list here