with specialization in ANSYS CFD software

We provide CFD, CAD and FEA simulation solutions.

CFD: Aerodynamics, turbo-machinery, heat transfer, fluid solid interaction (FSI), solar devices e.g. parabolic trough, vortex induced vibration, shape optimization,  mesh motion, dynamic mesh, 6 DOF, Rigid body motion

FEA : Static and transient structured, thermal, model analysis 

Software: Design modeler, ICEM CFD, Fluent, CFX, CFD post, Techplot, ANSYS FEA, Solid works 

Hardware : Dell Precision Tower 5810 Workstation with 128 GB RAM (01), Dell 9020 Business desktop with 32 GB RAM (01),  Dell Optiplex 755 (02) 

Upcoming courses 
Last updated : July 19, 2015
Fluent Training (2015)
  July 13 & 14, July 28 & 29, August 4 & 4. Through webex online you can register any time. Just send your query at farcfd@gmail.com and we will get the most suitable scheduale. 
  Turbomachinery CFD using CFX (2015)
  August 6 & 7. Online training through webex is avaialbe on demand as well. Send us query at farcfd@gmail.com to arrange training for you.
  July 30 to Augut 03. 7 pm to 11 pm daily - 20 Hours online sessions 
 Design modeler 
 Coming soon 
 Coming soon 
Heat transfer and multiphase CFD using CFX or Fluent
 Coming soon